Workers' Compensation
Written by: Bruce L. Weider | 5.29.2023

The Benefits of Hiring a Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Whether you work at your dream job or not, it is still possible that anyone can have an accident on the job that leads to physical bodily harm or death. Some industries have a higher frequency of work-related injuries than others, but still, anyone could suffer physical bodily harm while working. Being injured on the job can be a traumatic experience and one that leaves a worker unsure of their rights and what they are supposed to do, including whether filing a workers’ compensation claim would make sense for the situation. Additionally, injured workers may wonder if they should take on a claim alone or enlist the help of a professional. There are several potential benefits to working with a workers’ compensation attorney that injured workers should know about when considering if hiring an attorney is the best path forward. If you have questions about workers’ compensation and how to proceed with a claim, Michigan workers’ compensation lawyer Bruce L. Weider, PC can answer your questions and help you evaluate your options. Schedule your individual consultation today when you call our office at (734) 485-0535.

Why Injured Workers Should Think About Hiring a Lawyer for a Workers’ Comp Claim

Workers seeking workman’s compensation benefits may choose to navigate the insurance system alone, or they may opt to do so with the support of an experienced attorney. No law mandates that an injured worker retain an attorney, but given that workers’ comp claims can come with many complicated challenges, such as the need for strategic negotiations, potential litigation, and more, having an attorney can be useful.

Legal professionals trained and experienced with workers’ compensation claims know what to expect when filing a claim, how to value a claim, and what is needed to build a strong claim with the greatest possibility of success. Victims must get as much as possible to cover the losses suffered after a workplace injury, and an attorney will typically have that as a primary goal. A dedicated workers’ compensation lawyer will work to get the most from claims and fight for fair and full compensation on behalf of an injured worker.

Top Reasons for Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Thousands of workplace accidents happen every year in the United States, according to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). While each state has its own laws regarding employers and insurance coverage to account for employees that are injured, in Michigan, most employers must have insurance coverage that will go into effect when one of their employees is injured while on the job.

Despite the relatively broad coverage requirements in Michigan, many individuals injured on the job struggle to gain access to the benefits intended to cover lost wages and medical treatments needed for recovery. For injured employees who determine working with an workers’ compensation lawyer is the right choice for their circumstances, they may have for any of the following reasons:

Denied Claim

Filing a claim does not guarantee that compensation will soon follow. In fact, filing a claim may be met with a denial. Michigan law allows injured employees to appeal a denial and an attorney with experience in this area of law will know how to help show that the injury accident did happen at work, that the harm the injured worker suffered was directly related to their workplace accident, and that the employee is therefore entitled to full benefits.

Forced Termination

If an employer becomes agitated at having to manage the running of the business operations short-staffed, they may tell an employee to return to work or they may force termination. Such demands do not negate an injured worker’s right to compensation and an attorney will know how to manage this situation and fight to protect an injured worker’s rights.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Sometimes an insurance company argues that a pre-existing condition is the reason for physical suffering or impairments an individual is suffering, that the work-related incident for which they have filed a claim is not responsible for the symptoms reported, and that as a result the worker is not entitled to compensation. An attorney experienced in workers’ compensation cases will know how to counter this and show otherwise.

Uncertain Steps

Often an injured worker may to want to file a claim but be unsure where to start or how to even do so. The filing process can be complex and getting all of the required documentation in order is essential to be successful and ultimately be compensated. When a worker is also suffering pain and discomfort trying to heal, figuring out what must be done can be even more stressful and trying.

An attorney will be able to advise you on what you need to do and how to get started. An attorney can also answer any questions you might have about relevant employment law and provide legal guidance throughout the entire process. Having an experienced attorney working on the case can take the legal burden off of an injured worker’s shoulders so that the injured individual can focus on getting better.

Uninsured Employer

The Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Opportunity indicates that most employers must have coverage. An attorney will know exactly how to handle an uninsured employer and ensure that you are being treated fairly and help you get the compensation you need.

If your employer fails to abide by employment law and you are struggling to figure out how to handle a workers’ compensation claim when there is no insurance coverage, attorney Bruce L. Weider, PC may be able to answer your questions and offer guidance for your specific circumstances.

Extensive Physical Bodily Harm

When an employee’s injuries are considerable, not only could they require immediate and costly medical treatments and surgery, but they may also need medical interventions and support in the future. Insurance companies and often the employers contracted with them are reluctant to pay out large settlements, so they may try and offer a low settlement just to close a case and get out of having to pay the full amount necessary to cover an injured worker’s actual costs of care.

If you do not know what the appropriate value of your claim is, then you may be apt to accept the settlement that is offered, only to regret this decision as medical costs continue to accrue. A workers’ compensation lawyer may be able to secure a more accurate assessment of the total damages so that you do not sign off on a settlement that is insufficient for your situation.

Speak to a Michigan Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today

Most people just want to go to work and come home each day, safe and sound. When a workplace injury accident happens, this one event can drastically change the course of one’s day and future. Workers’ compensation is designed to help injured workers manage the impact of such unfortunate events. In keeping with the spirit of Michigan employment laws, it is imperative that when a claim is filed, an injured worker obtains the full amount of compensation that they are entitled to receive. If you have questions about workers’ compensation in Michigan or if you have a claim that should be filed, reach out and connect with a Michigan workers’ compensation lawyer at Bruce L. Weider, PC by calling (734) 485-0535.

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