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With over 25 years of legal experience and a successful track record, Bruce L. Weider is the most trusted Social Security Disability attorney in the Canton area and throughout Southeast Michigan. Those who are unable to work due to an injury, disease or health problem face tremendous challenges. When the government is looking to cut costs, receiving Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can be a complicated and stressful process. On top of physical pain and emotional distress of not being able to work for a year, many years, or indefinitely, most first-time SSD applicants are turned down.

Having a Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claim denied can be a frustrating and difficult experience, but a claim denial is never final. You may just need the help of a qualified attorney who specializes in appealing disability claims. The Social Security Administration's (SSA) own statistics state that those who are represented by an attorney are more likely to recover benefits.

Bruce Weider has over 25 years of legal experience and a high success rate helping individuals who have been denied their disability insurance. At Bruce L. Weider, PC, we are deeply familiar with the SSD process and have single-handedly won benefits for hundreds of individuals who have been wrongly denied the compensation and income they deserve.

"I was devastated when the court denied me SSI benefits after my accident. Bruce Weider really took the time to understand my situation; fought for me in court, and got me the benefits I needed to keep food on the table. Thank You Bruce!" T.M. (Westland)
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Michigan Social Security Disability Lawyer Serving Clients in Canton

Preparing Your Case

The simple reality is that a large majority of SSDI claimants are unsuccessful in filing claims due to a lack of experience and knowledge of how to properly prepare their application. By employing the assistance of a legal professional that specializes specifically in disability cases, the chances of receiving benefits increase considerably. An experienced attorney can track down important medical records, obtain statements from a claimant's physicians, and utilize a thorough understanding of SSA regulations and guidelines that will be crucial to your case.

Appealing Your Case

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If your application for SSDI benefits has been initially denied, it is not uncommon. It may be frustrating to have your claim denied, but it is important not to give up. However, you must take action promptly or your case may be closed. Missing the deadline for your appeal will force you to begin the process over, making the process considerably longer and more frustrating. If your claim has been denied, it's important that you contact The Bruce Weider Law Firm immediately, so that we can help you file your appeal and prepare for your appeal hearing.

We have the knowledge and experience to turn a denial into payment of disability benefits. Often, claims are turned down because they lack sufficient evidence of a qualifying disability or the SSA requires additional information. With decades of experience and a deep knowledge of SSA regulations and guidelines, Bruce Weider can help you improve the medical evidence in your claim to substantiate your qualifying medical condition and inability to work. We'll turn the tables in your favor and ensure you recover the benefits and compensation you deserve.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Lawyer Representing Clients in Canton, MI

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Unlike SSDI benefits, you do not have to have prior work experience to qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). SSI is a U.S. government program that is designed to help those who cannot work, and have little or no income, meet their basic needs. If you have always been unable to work, have not worked enough, or have had too little income to quality for SSDI benefits, you are likely eligible to qualify for SSI.

Applying for SSI benefits can be a complex, frustrating, and time-consuming process, but you don't have to do it alone. In fact, individuals who seek the assistance of an attorney who specializes in SSI can vastly increase the potential for success. A disability lawyer can help you review your claim, pinpoint why it was unsuccessful, and obtain the proper documents, statements, and other key evidence that will help secure your financial future.

Bruce L. Weider Law has over 25 years of experience representing individuals who have been wrongfully denied SSDI or SSI benefits, and has an impressive track record of success, having won benefits for hundreds of clients. If you've recently been denied disability benefits, it's crucial that you contact us immediately for a free consultation.